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My goal is to support your creation of experiences, services and goods through beautiful design.

Based in Sacramento, California, Angie works to create beautiful designs with a purpose. Driven by the passion to see more POC businesses thrive, her goal is to pair culture driven design with economic growth.


Hey ya’ll, my name is Angie and I am the creative visionary behind Forty Acre Studio.

I’ve been designing now for 4 years and officially launched my design business in 2018. When I look back, I realize I’ve always had a creative spirit — from writing, arts and crafts and other artistic expressions, my hands just exude creative energy.

After launching my sister brand Afro Yoga, people began to ask who did my work. I started to design for other people and the word kept spreading, allowing me to build my foundation through word-of-mouth business.

Wanting to expand my reach outside my city, I decided to launch Forty Acre Studio.


Why the name Forty Acre studio?

In the age of the side hustler and solopreneur struggling to make it, entrepreneurship becomes the path to ownership.

My belief is that if you invest enough time and energy into work that is fueled by your passion, you can build your business to a place of economic freedom — buying your own 40 acres of land or whatever else you want in this life.

Creative design comes into play here because it allows your work to speak for you — like a great business partner. It becomes the backbone of your business, and paired with the brain (brand clarity) and the body (work ethic), there’s no limits to what you can achieve.


historical context & meaning


“In January 1865 General William T. Sherman met with twenty African American leaders who told him that land ownership was the best way for blacks to secure and enjoy their newfound freedom. On 16 January that year, Sherman issued Special Field Order No. 15.  The order reserved coastal land in Georgia and South Carolina for black settlement. Each family would receive forty acres. Later Sherman agreed to loan the settlers army mules. Six months after Sherman issued the order, 40,000 former slaves lived on 400,000 acres of this coastal land.

Less than a year after Sherman’s order, President Andrew Johnson intervened, and ordered that the vast majority of confiscated land be returned to its former owners. This included most of land that the freedmen had settled. The Federal government dispossessed tens of thousands of black landholders.  In Georgia and South Carolina, some blacks fought back, driving away former owners with guns. Federal troops sometimes evicted blacks by force. In the end only some 2,000 blacks retained land they had won and worked after the war.”

- Devon McCurdy


What would the future have looked like for us had freedmen owned those 40 acres and a mule? Like many others, I believe that we, as black people, would’ve been given a different set of opportunities coming from descendants who were landowners.

African Americans are not the only ethnic group who have been oppressed and displaced. Native Americans lost millions when conquistadores arrived and today Mexican Americans are being deported in mass numbers.

I chose the name Forty Acre Studio not as a political statement, but as a home for possibility. What would it mean for us to own something, to be entrepreneurs and business owners that live outside of a system not designed for us? To create change as we do work that supports our own communities?

This is the questions we seek to answer with our work.




Brand consultants, content creators, graphic designers, photographers or other creatives looking to partner or collaborate. Combining services and cross-referring is a great way to expand the reach of your services and brand.


  • Motivated and resourceful

  • High quality work aesthetic

  • Strong work ethic

  • Openminded

Design Intern

For those interested in learning about design and creative entrepreneurship, our intern position can help you sharpen a unique skill set. You will co-work on projects with specific tasks and get to shadow creative processes that you can learn from.



  • Openminded and eager to learn

  • Interest in creative design, photography, content creation, etc.

  • 2-4 hours of availability per week


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